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BlackLine financial close management

BlackLine financial close management and automation allows you to banish time-intensive tasks and ensure your close management is fast, efficient and compliant

Financial close management

Most organisations face tight deadlines to close the books across increasingly complex organisations and against a backdrop of stringent regulatory controls.

The BlackLine financial close solution specifically addresses these areas. It provides controls around the accuracy of the numbers, segregation of duties, timeliness in performing close activities, appropriate levels of review and an online document repository to store and protect supporting documentation.

Reconciliation management

It’s common for organisations to be using a mix of paper and spreadsheets for their reconciliation management – a manual-labour intensive process that is prone to mistakes. However accountants and controllers need to ensure balance sheet reconciliations are thorough, accurate and reliable for all accounts and are both prepared and reviewed in a timely and compliant manner. BlackLine’s reconciliation management solution automates this to make preparing and reviewing balance sheet reconciliations easy.

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