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Infor d/EPM

Enabling you to gain insight into the key factors that impact your business, Infor d/EPM lets you get the right information to the right individuals at the right time. Decision-makers throughout your organisation can then identify new business opportunities and make more informed decisions.

The information inside your company is constantly growing. To stay competitive, your data-gathering strategy has to keep pace with business change. With multiple sources of data, it can be difficult for your users to get to all the information they need. Conversely, they can be impeded by data overload.

Solving these challenges, Infor d/EPM is a comprehensive, integrated business intelligence platform that includes:

  • financial and operational reporting and analysis
  • dashboards
  • planning
  • budgeting
  • forecasting
  • role-based analytics
  • data mining
  • financial consolidation

You’ll have access to the latest reliable information you need to help you drive the most value for your organisation. You’ll get to the right answers quickly. Your business will become more competitive and you’ll be able to react faster and with more confidence.


Infor Ion BI Platform

Better decision-making

Infor d/EPM improves the ability of decision makers to:

  • access critical business information
  • filter and analyse data
  • publish information throughout their organisations – anytime, anywhere
  • merge data from multiple sources into a single report
  • quickly transform raw data into valuable information
  • get faster results and quick ROI through detailed access rights and user profiles
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