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Infor SunSystems application site audit

Maximise your investment in your financial management system

The Infor SunSystems Application Site Audit includes an analysis of your functional requirements through on site interviews and then an objective evaluation of the software and your use of the system to determine if it’s being used to its full potential.

By periodically doing this review you can adjust training and software configuration, plan any software upgrades and implement complementary companion modules.

Our software system audit helps you make the adjustments to more efficiently utilise Infor SunSystems and extend the life of your system.

The format of the Infor SunSystems audit
The site audit is normally carried over two days. At least one day will usually be on site working interviewing your teams and reviewing business processes.

Typically the audit will include:

  • Business processes review
  • Troubleshooting and rectifying issues where possible
  • Payments and Receipts processing
  • Management, statutory, regulatory and consolidations reporting
  • Budgeting and planning process

A site audit report that summarises the findings and recommendations will be provided for review.

Find out more
With over three decades of experience focusing exclusively on Infor SunSystems, we bring extensive expertise and best practice experience for a fixed engagement.

Your organisation can then maximise its investment and ensure you’re exploiting the potential of your Infor SunSystems installation.

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