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Infor SunSystems

Infor SunSystems is the best in class enterprise financial management solution allowing for real-time analysis of your business – directly from your accounting system.

A flexible, scalable and powerful financial management system for your organisation.

Superb for multi-currency

Use SunSystems to manage your multi-currency procedures. All transactions can be held in base-currency and a transactional currency together with reporting capability in a third currency.

Outstanding analysis

Know everything with SunSystems and drill down right to the transaction level. Your customers, markets, products, lines of business… managers get a unique insight into every facet of the organisation with SunSystems. It’s straightforward to capture the multiple dimensions of any transaction.


Get a complete view of your business from the very start. Use spreadsheets as they were intended – to analyse the data in your system, not as an alternative place to store it.

Immediate information as you need it

Because your financial information comes straight from the source you can be confident it’s accurate and up to date. Immediately see and report on any change you make.

Scalable and adaptable

SunSystems can scale from local to global accounting, and it can be customised to each user. It gives a future-proof and agile solution for your finance team. Its functionality can be extended with solutions such as Infor Q&A for business intelligence.


Wherever you are on your finance systems journey, speak to us today to find out how we can assist you.

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