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Infor ION

Infor ION technology builds on a flexible and powerful integration framework to create an end-to-end solution for improving your entire business process.

No single system or database contains all the information you need to make a decision. Information comes to you from many sources and systems; the technology that connects it all is called middleware. The software industry has traditionally struggled with middleware products. They’re heavyweight, overly technical and frequently do not deliver the return on investment businesses demand.

Infor ION is a new generation of business middle-ware that is lighter weight, less technically demanding to implement and built on open standards. It is designed to meet both the business’ operational needs and the CEO’s need to contain IT costs.

Infor ION Integration

Beyond connectivity

There’s more to Infor ION than easy-to-use connectivity. Using one consistent architecture, the solution equips businesses with common reporting and analysis, workflow and business monitoring. In addition, Infor ION uses event-driven architecture (EDA), so it can pro-actively push data, work activities and exception notifications to users.

Information flows smoothly between applications, analytics, social media and a powerful business vault with master data. All of your people are empowered with all of your disparate applications, enabling them to work together more effectively as a single unit.


The four pillars of Infor Ion

Infor ION features four powerful services that are easy to install and configure.

ION Connect

  • get your applications to operate together easily, so you can seamlessly execute business processes
  • quickly bring new partners and customers on board
  • re-use business functionality so you realise quick ROI

ION Business Vault

  • single, optimised and unbreakable business repository for enterprise data storage
  • having this unifying source for all the data that flows through Ion provides a robust platform for reporting, business intelligence, and analytics

ION Event Management

  • monitor the status of your tasks in relation to promised completion or established service level agreements (SLAs)
  • automatically receive alerts about exceptions and potential non-compliance

ION Workflow

  • directs work activities, events and business documents to any user, enabling quicker and more accurate business process execution
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