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Infor Workspace

This solution delivers a unified user experience with single sign-on, common navigation and a common look-and-feel across Infor products. By combining deep industry processes, analytics and collaboration to create a more satisfying, easier to use software experience, the user interface helps you make better and faster decisions.

Users can automatically see all the relevant information they need for instant decision-making and task-completion. Instead of switching between applications, they can see the information from the different applications that they need to get their jobs done, on a single screen in real-time. So they’re getting the most up-to-date, accurate information possible, enabling them to make sound decisions based on fact, not intuition.



How Infor Workspace works

In the simplest of terms, Infor Workspace can be thought of as a portal to your enterprise software which provides complementary innovations through web parts. Or a mash-up framework to deliver a user experience that combines your enterprise software, intranet and valuable resources from the internet all in one place.

Your users can work on what maters without having to waste time finding content on various locations, and sorting through them to locate exactly what they want.


Key features

  • single sign-on facilities: AD and ADFS
  • range of web-based applications which can be run: Infor, Non-Infor, intranet and internet
  • seamless navigation with common patterns for Infor products and sessions which maintain context
  • portal infrastructure acts as the glue that keeps all these solutions connected
  • context sharing innovative user experience that knows what the user is working on and delivers key content to extend the solutions
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