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Private Cloud for Infor SunSystems

TouchstoneINSITE offers a compelling, efficient and secure way to ensure that your investment in Infor SunSystems really does enable your business to perform better, 24x7x365.

TouchstoneINSITE hosts Infor SunSystems in the Private Cloud, providing 24×7 access with no overhead hosting costs. The service provides the expertise clients need to ensure smooth operation with limited downtime.

We take responsibility for operational support and guarantee the highest levels of application availability. This gives our clients the peace of mind and breathing space they need to focus on developing competitive advantage and growing their businesses.

Why TouchstoneINSITE?

TouchstoneINSITE has detailed knowledge of the Microsoft technologies upon which Infor SunSystems is dependent, such as Windows Server, SQL Server (including Reporting Services) and SharePoint – and, just as importantly, how these technologies support and interact with Infor SunSystems.

Working to optimise your investment, we offer a Private Cloud solution for Infor SunSystems that not only offers optimised system performance but also an SLA-bound guarantee of >99.9% monthly system availability, or >99.95% if a ‘High Availability’ Infor SunSystems infrastructure is implemented.

ISO 27001 hosting with no capital costs

There are no capital costs as our annual fees cover dedicated physical and virtual servers, Microsoft ‘Classic’ software, pro-active monitoring, SLA bound operational support and secure hosting in accordance with ISO 27001. Also, with TouchstoneINSITE you get easy access to the specialist IT skills you need with no burden on your payroll.

Real-time disaster recovery and hosting services

Business continuity or real-time disaster recovery is one of the key services that we can provide either at your chosen location or at our data centre.

We recommend servers that are configured with proven, best-of-breed software products to provide the most comprehensive business continuity solution available. Having the optimum combination of products allows us to duplicate the production IT infrastructure, replicate data in real time and deploy applications to any user in any location.

Applications residing on this business continuity infrastructure can be deployed to users using Windows 2008 R2/2012 Remote Desktop Services (RDS), or Terminal Services for older applications that are not supported on Windows 2008 R2/2012.

RDS securely deploys virtually any application to any PC or laptop based at any location, through a web browser using low bandwidth links or the internet. Alternatively, existing Citrix licenses can be used for this component of the service.

See our TouchstoneINSITE brochure to discover more for your business.


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