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Our approach

We aim to be nothing less than the very best. Our world class business consultancy services include:


Systems selection

We offer a wide range of software and solutions to meet many varied business challenges. Such a comprehensive approach puts us in the unique position of being able to first assess your business needs and then independently advise on the best solution to meet those needs. All our solutions are proven, tried and tested applications, from leading software providers such as Microsoft and INFOR.


Business process analysis

With any new system selection, it’s imperative to identify, analyse and standardise your business processes to meet your exact business needs. You may also choose to change and adapt your processes to take full advantage of best practice methodologies. Either way, our business consultants will help you get the most out of your new technology.


Solutions consultancy

Our implementation approach is based on the UK de facto standard: PRINCE2. This is complemented with earned value management (EVM) to track progress, and Office of Government Commerce Risk Assessment techniques to align with corporate risk assessment. The purpose is to provide a robust, relevant implementation approach which delivers solutions that meet your organisation’s business objectives and governance requirements.

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Project management

We believe there are seven questions you should always ask your solutions provider regarding their approach to project delivery:


1. Have you aligned your implementation approach to an industry standard methodology?
Our project delivery method is based on the UK Government standard, PRINCE2.


2. Do you use a world-class approach for planning and control of the project?
We use earned value management – a project management technique for measuring progress in an objective manner.


3. Does your quality management approach map to internationally defined standards?
Our approach is based on the IEEE standards.


4. With governance of organisations high on directors’ agenda, how do you align your project governance structure with the organisation’s governance?
Our project managers work with the project board to ensure an appropriate and effective governance structure is in place and adhered to.


5. How do you manage risk?
We apply recognised best-practice to risk management for project delivery, with specific reference to the application area being delivered.


6. What is your portfolio management approach to knowledge development and implementation of lessons learned?
We ensure that project delivery knowledge is embedded in the documentation provided as part of the implementation.


7. Is your implementation team recognised as thought leaders in their respective professions?
Our implementation team is active in the promotion of the highest professional standards and thinking in the development of best practice.




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