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Financial services

The financial services industry remains under scrutiny and subject to increasing regulation. The sector has had to look at maintaining visibility of all financial activity, including divisional profitability, internal processes and executive expenses. The movement of money is increasingly being monitored to ensure profitability alongside improved spend control and efficiencies, with accurate and timely information being a key requirement. Finance teams can often find themselves spending too much time dealing with cumbersome spreadsheets or responding to queries, leaving little time to address the key issues of performance management and direction.


We’re here to help

With an industry-focused team of account managers, consultants and support managers, we have in-depth knowledge of the key financial sector business issues – from statutory reporting and GAAP accounting standards to IFRS governance and accountability. Our best-of-breed solutions are specifically designed to provide immediate access to finance and accounting information, enabling fast, effective and confident decision-making.

We support a number of leading organisations, including:

  • BNP Paribus Capital
  • SVG Capital
  • Hermes
  • Equity Insurance
  • FTSE
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