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High-tech industries

Rapidly changing and extremely competitive, the high-tech sector places high demands on the finance team. Responsibilities include managing the complexities of customer billing, contractual obligations, commissions, project profitability, procurement, financial planning and management reporting. With such demands, balancing resource utilisation with business profitability can be challenging to say the least.

Against this backdrop, high-tech firms are increasingly investing in IT to streamline and control their processes in the quest to deliver more for less. Recently, the sector has seen many acquisitions and mergers, which in turn have brought their own financial management issues, including financial consolidation of disparate systems, resources and assets.


How we can help

Not only have we been at the forefront of financial systems for this sector for a long time, but as a technology and solutions provider ourselves, we have had to address similar issues to those facing high-tech companies in order to service our own business needs.

Having also worked closely with some of the UK’s leading technology and telecoms providers, we have a deep understanding of the challenges facing the sector – and we have developed effective solutions to address them.

Designed to cope with rapid change, our financial applications allow for growth, consolidation, revenue management, profitability down to individual projects, resource expense management, contract billing, self-service, budgeting and financial business planning.

Our combination of expertise and solutions helps you streamline your business and deliver better, faster and more personalised customer service.

Our high-tech clients include:

  • NEC Telecoms MODAS Ltd (telecoms)
  • ICS Solutions (software solutions)
  • Midland HR (software solutions)
  • Xoomworks (SAP implementation consultants)
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