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Media & Publishing

Media and publishing companies are competing not only to attract new customers, but also to build loyalty and retention rates amongst existing customers. In this digital age, the sector is more involved with and interdependent on technology and telecommunications than ever before. Whilst this creates opportunities for unlimited profit and growth, it also presents significant business challenges.

The result is increasing investment in IT to streamline and control processes in the pursuit of delivering more for less. Through technology, companies can efficiently automate and manage every aspect of their business.


How we can help

Our portfolio of solutions and services enables media and publishing companies to more efficiently manage every aspect of their business. We enable:

  • streamlining and optimisation of core business processes
  • integration of disparate business systems
  • KPI analysis and project reporting
  • spend control
  • time and expense recording
  • electronic document management

Our media and publishing clients include:

  • The Mill
  • The Folio Society
  • Content Film
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