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Professional services

The professional services sector encompasses many business disciplines, all of which require tight financial control and planning in a fiercely competitive space. All too often, the finance team spend their time managing multiple spreadsheets that are constantly changing as projects increase and progress. Not to mention having to handle resource billing management and project expenses recovery. All of which drives the need for improved project budgeting visibility and timely work completion notification.


How we can help

We understand the complexities of managing project financials when information is often being maintained and delivered from more than one operational system. Our business and financial software solutions minimise the hassle of spreadsheet forecasting, the routine cycle of billing, expense management, accounting, budgeting, planning and associated reporting. We help you allocate more time to the management of overall business performance. We deliver trusted financial management solutions that help you address your key challenges. By making processes more efficient and helping to automate the integration of your internal systems with the central finance solution, we can help you build and sustain competitive advantage.

Our professional services clients include:

  • Alexander Mann (talent resourcing and recruitment)
  • Baker Tilley (accounting and business consultancy)
  • G.L. Hearn (building development and consultancy)
  • J.A. Kemp (patent and trade mark attorney)
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