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Complete Visibility of Spend


Visibility of spend from transaction through to summary analysis make PROACTIS Purchase-to-Pay an invaluable management tool to support executive and departmental-level decision making.

This system allows the user to view budget, actual and commitments thus allowing them to assess the spending profile to date, and to assess the future spending profile. This creates a bell weather indicator on the organisations financial health and greatly improves decision making. Budget holders become accountable for assessing the real-time net budget position and have the information at their fingertips to take informed decision.

Personalised Management Dashboards & Reporting

User-focused dashboards provide each user with the correct level of information about their area of responsibility. Data-driven graphical representation provides management information in an appropriate format for that information, and the drill-down capability provides easy investigation of the detail of transactions.

Rapid, user-friendly report design makes bespoke/custom reporting possible without the need for expensive consultancy or programming. A report library delivers template reports for many information needs. Sophisticated reports can be developed and delivered with minimal training.

Key supplier data and KPIs at point-of-purchase eliminate the need to access auxiliary systems. Supplier transaction history at point-of-purchase delivers full visibility of supplier track record. In addition, supplier review reports facilitate contract review and supplier negotiations.

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