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PROACTIS and Dynamics NAV


Examples of which are shown below:

Example Client 1 – Our integration sends accrual and invoice data to a flat file which is automatically imported overnight into NAV by the NAV dataport. Suppliers and nominals are sent in the other direction as flat files and the table import utility imports these overnight into PROACTIS P2P.

Example Client 2 – Supplier and nominal data is read directly from the NAV database and imported via the PROACTIS import gateway into P2P. Invoices are sent directly to a custom NAV web service which imports them directly, or reports failures back to the PROACTIS system administratior

Example Client 3 – Our integration writes the invoice and credit note data to SQL tables in the NAV database. Suppliers or nominals aren’t brought in to P2P via integration as client prefers to keep this as a manual process although both have been configured in the integration via table import and available for later use.



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