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Moving beyond purchasing and supporting a strategic approach to controlling expenditure. Maximise the value of supplier relationships and add value to the bottom line.

What does PROACTIS Source-to-Contract offer?

Reduce the cost of goods and services by better managing supplier relationships. Reduce risk and overall spend while increasing transparency and performance.

Have complete visibility of all contracts within the organisation allowing you to monitor performance and make informed decisions. Improve relationships with strategic suppliers by standardising your selection and communication processes.

Key Source-to-Contract features

Supplier management

Manage your trusted suppliers and reduce risk.


Accelerate sourcing events and supplier onboarding.

Contract management

Have complete visibility of your contracts and renewal dates.

Content management

Allow stakeholders to easily purchase from approved suppliers.

Beyond Source-to-Contract

TouchstoneFMS has extensive PROACTIS delivery and support capability to ensure smooth deployment that aligns with your business processes and systems. A procurement system has numerous and varied stakeholders, so it’s important to understand how the solution will work within your organisation.

Find out more

PROACTIS routinely helps organisations save at least 15% on indirect spend. Find out how we can help you with your procurement and spend control objectives. Contact us.

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