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British Olympic Association gears up e-Procurement function with Touchstone Group


The British Olympic Association (BOA) selects Team GB from the best sportsmen and women who will go on to compete in the 28 summer and seven winter Olympic sports at the greatest sporting competition in the world.

In the build up to the 2012 Olympics, BOA has placed an order with business consultancy, Touchstone Group for the implementation of a PROACTIS e-procurement system. The solution will deliver considerable procurement control, including enhanced reporting capabilities across the organisation.

The BOA provides the pivot around which Team GB revolves prior to and during the Olympic Games. It is also in charge of taking the British team to each and every Olympics, and all associated administrative and logistical functions. Prior to its implementation of the PROACTIS software from Touchstone Group, BOA had been operating with a manual paper based system which significantly slowed down all of the organisation’s administration and reporting functions.

Howard Beeston, Finance Director, British Olympic Association, comments, “Our old system was very outdated; we operated primarily with paper and, as a result, were open to human error in the recording of our transactions. From a financial perspective, this meant that there was no central visibility of what we had committed to, and made management reporting extremely difficult, time-consuming and often, inaccurate. We discussed our requirements with Touchstone Group and they offered us the PROACTIS solution which is very user-friendly and, we anticipate, will greatly improve our ease of administration. The Touchstone Group solution should ultimately provide greater structure to help manage our expenditure with superior information that we have simply not had before.”

Beeston continues, “We have a strong relationship with Touchstone Group from previously working together and have already placed our next order for some training for a management reporting system we have held in-house for some time, but not maximised. We continue to return to Touchstone Group because they constantly deliver specifically to our business needs. We are a large organisation and, as we continue to expand and develop our business processes, it’s reassuring to know that Touchstone Group is always on hand and one step ahead.”

Adrian McNay, Group Board Director, Touchstone Group, concludes, “We pride ourselves on building close and long-lasting relationships with our clients that enable them to achieve on-going, incremental business change. BOA is an organisation who recognises the value of this approach and will certainly achieve the maximum value from their technology investments as a result.”

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