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Full service menu: Michelin 3-star projects

By John Chapman, Programme Director | Thursday 9th February 2017.
John Chapman


What if projects were assessed like a menu in a restaurant? How would it be worded?

Our offering

We believe in recruiting specially chosen project team members, with hand crafted software written by world class companies. Work can be undertaken on a single site, across multiple sites, different time zones through the world delivered a la carte or to a set menu.


Why not commence your journey with a simple business process review, or a technical assessment of the infrastructure? This is a unique one-to-one service.

Alternatively you may prefer to start with a single module implementation to enhance your existing system: an efficient bank reconciliation module, an elegant advanced inquiry solution, or an asset module to value your capital investments.


menuimageOrganisations do not work in isolation, and you may be considering the end to end issues. Our sharer service will work with you and one or more of your business partners to identify integration process improvements.

Solutions delivery

The pièce de résistance of our services comes with full solutions delivery. Bringing together the finest software ingredients, sourced from world class authors, seasoned with experience project personnel, delivered to your door with style and finesse, enabling the full return of your investment.

This can be tailored from one application (such as finance or procurement), or for the more adventurous multiple modules implemented across different parts of the organisation. Software solutions include finance, procurement, spend control, customer relationship management, business analytics, planning, forecasting, and document management to name but a few.

Choosing from such a wide selection can be difficult, so to help you select we have put together some suggestions:

  • The director’s choice: business intelligence, planning, business analytics
  • The finance choice: finance system, Financial and management reporting, budgeting, forecasting
  • The procurement choice: purchase to pay, eRequisitions, auctions, contract management, supplier relationship management
  • The user’s choice: process improvement, job enrichment, motivational benefits, customer relationship management


Finish your project with a three month or six month benefit investment review.

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