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Multiplying Performance Capacity

“The task of an executive is not to change human beings… the task is to multiply the performance capacity of the whole by putting to use whatever strength, whatever health, whatever aspiration there is in individuals.”

The Effective Executive. Peter Drucker


At the start of a project we identify the resourcing requirements; who needs to be involved in the project, their responsibility assignment, estimated number of days, the activities to work on with start and finish dates. Typically we need input from a range of individuals such as senior users by each area (finance, spend control, time writing), technical involvement from the IT team, trainers, systems administrators to configure, users to test the configuration and so forth. The team will be made up from the customer’s organisation, from other suppliers, the Touchstone implementation team, and also the Touchstone Help Desk Team. These individuals are listed in a work breakdown structure which includes an organisational assignment matrix and a responsibility assignment matrix. This is a process based approach and is a good starting point.

What is equally important is to consider each team member individually. Example questions to consider are: What are their individual personality traits? What is their preferred method of working? Do they have the required skills? Will they need coaching and support? Are they by nature proactive or reactive? How do we manage them best? How do we motivate them? Do they need to be given regular feedback?

At Touchstone we are very experienced in working with a diverse range of individuals; in encouraging open dialogue; seeking to get the best from each one; understanding how they wish to be managed (or not); listening to their feedback; recognising their contribution, and looking at the alignment of project benefits with both the organisation objectives as well as specific ones for that person (such as career progression).

As Aristotle reminds us ‘The whole is greater than the sum of its parts’ and so it will be with our project team.


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