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Sanlam Private Investments upgrade to SunSystems v6

Touchstone FMS Limited is proud to announce the gain of an upgrade to SunSystems v6 project with Sanlam Private Investments (UK) Limited.

Sanlam Private Investments is a holistic, integrated wealth management business that provides advice and manages over £46 billion assets for high net worth private individuals and their families in South Africa, the UK, Western Europe and Australia.

Sanlam decided to upgrade to SunSystems v6 as two of the business divisions were to merge, moving their Merchant Securities Wealth Management data from Sage to SunSystems. This means that the business units can operate on one single financial management solution for consistency across the business.

Sanlam intend to set up analysis to allow reporting to 6 department heads and one support head – initial discussions have been made with a system design workshop scheduled.

Sanlam are also planning to set up new business units to hold data to be migrated from their existing Sage system, so this project involves tasks normally associated with new implementations in addition to the standard upgrade procedures.

The potential benefits of the upgrade to SunSystems v6:

  • Updated chartered set of accounts
  • All the different business divisions will all operate on one single system platform, SunSystems, for consistency
  • Up to date financial management platform with new and enhanced features

The upgrade will allow Sanlam to take advantage of the new functionality within SunSystems v6.1 and Vision Q&A10 and remain on a version that is fully supported and developed by Infor.

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