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Spinal Injuries improve their current reporting

Touchstone FMS Limited is pleased to announce the gain of a project with the Spinal Injuries charity to help the business improve their current reporting capabilities.

Spinal Injuries are a small national charity for spinal cord injured people. The charity’s mission is to support people affected by spinal cord injury and to advise, educate and campaign on all its aspects.

Spinal Injuries have purchased the Query & Analysis Reporting enhancement product from Touchstone FMS Limited that will enable efficient reporting within a familiar excel environment. The product will help the organisation report in line with their finance system with limited training for staff.

The Potential Benefits of the product for the business:

  • Faster production of management reports
  • Familiar interface, minimal training and learning for staff
  • Direct interface with Sun Systems data

Touchstone FMS will work closely with Spinal Injuries to ensure the project runs smoothly and on time with the business objectives met in line with the solution benefits.

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