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Unity Trust Bank upgrade to SunSystems v6

Touchstone FMS Limited is pleased to announce the initiation of a SunSystem upgrade to v6 project with Unity Trust Bank.

Unity Trust Bank is an independent specialist bank for civil society, social enterprises, CICs, councils, and trade unions, supporting their customers with socially-responsible banking services.

Unity Trust Bank have decided to upgrade to SunSystems v6 to take advantage of the newest most advanced features that will enable their business to keep them up to date with the latest financial management system technology.

The move to v6 will provide them with the features that can also be of value if the business expands in the future.

The potential benefits of the upgrade:

–         Utilisation of the Microsoft reporting tools for consolidated reporting

–         Future use of ION for integration with SunSystems

–         Improved security aspects – Locking functionality and integrated security with Windows

Touchstone FMS Limited will ensure this project is delivered with maximum success for Unity Trust bank to reap the future benefits.

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