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Touchstone Cloud Services are designed to make today’s businesses more agile, time efficient and cost effective.


One seamless solution

We offer end-to-end cloud services that include everything from initial planning to deployment and ongoing support of your IT platform. Whether you want to access your finance, procurement or any other business system, and from any remote location, Touchstone’s Private Cloud Services are available 24×7.

No matter how complex your Cloud and Communications requirements are, we can pull together all the moving parts into one seamless unified system through a single dashboard.

By installing your business software in Touchstone’s Private Cloud, users and business partners have the distinct advantage of being able to access their systems and information from anywhere and at any time so long as they have an internet connection. Touchstone’s Private Cloud provides a cost-effective, flexible and secure alternative to traditional in-house managed software deployment.

Above all we provide a scalable, cost-efficient ‘fit-for-purpose’ IT platform with 99.8% up-time availability.

Key attributes of Touchstone’s Private Cloud model:

  • Scalability that meets our customers ever changing needs
  • Capacity planning for future growth
  • Enhanced security with central and secure data storage
  • 24 x 365 continuous monitoring & alerting
  • Expert support delivered 24/7 via UK based support desk
  • Application management including:
    • Servers
    • OS updates
    • Software updates
    • Provisions for system patching
  • Fully managed service with pre-scheduled maintenance windows
  • Business continuity & disaster recovery options
  • Backups (onsite / off-site)
  • ISO 27001:2013 Accreditation
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